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1008 "G"

() G
micrometeorite gage
conversion gain coefficient
gain factor
receiver gain fluctuations
gain variations
galactic absorption
galactic anticenter
galactic background
galactic background emission
galactic background noise
galactic background radiation
direction of galactic center
galactic center source
galactic clouds
dissociation of galactic cluster
galactic collision
galactic component
strong galactic concentration
new galactic coordinates
new galactic coordinate system
galactic cosmic rays
galactic dilation
galactic dimensions
galactic dip
galactic disk
galactic distances
galactic dust
galactic dynamics
galactic emission
galactic equator
galactic evolution
galactic flare
galactic halo
galactic halo emission
galactic hydrogen
galactic hydrogen line studies
galactic hydrogen line work
galactic investigations
galactic latitude
galactic light
zero of galactic longitude
galactic magnetic field
galactic meridian
large-scale galactic motions
galactic nebula
cloud of extra galactic nebulae
background galactic noise
galactic nova
galactic nucleus
galactic object
galactic plane
south galactic pole
general galactic radiation
galactic radio astronomy
map of galactic radio emission
galactic radio-frequency noise
galactic radio noise
galactic radio star
galactic radio telescope
galactic radio waves
galactic research
galactic rotation
galactic rotation curve
galactic shape
galactic signal
galactic source
Galactic space
galactic spur
galactic star
galactic structure
galactic studies
galactic system
galactic types
galactic variable
galactic Wolf-Rayet stars
galactic work
galactic year
galactocentric longitude
Catalog of Galaxies and clusters of Galaxies
Catalog of Galaxies and clusters of Galaxies
two galaxies in collision
radio waves from the Galaxy
galaxy counts
the galaxy seen edge-on
the galaxy seen side-on
Galilean telescope
GALLEX neutrino detector
mirror galvanometer
, , γ
overall gamma
gamma-counting apparatus
gamma ray
γ-ray astronomy
gamma-ray astronomy
gamma ray detector
γ rays
gamma rays
gamma ray telescope
zero line gap
Kirkwood gaps
forming gas
gas-and-dust nebula
gas cell
gas-charged phototube
gas cloud
gas constant
gas density
gas discharge noise generator
gas-discharge noise source
gas-discharge photocell
gas dynamics
gaseous accretion
gaseous atmosphere
gaseous atomic-beam light source
gaseous component
gaseous discharge tube
gaseous envelope
gaseous F
gaseous flow
gaseous nebula
gas(eous) pressure
gaseous ring
gaseous shell
gaseous trail
liberation of gases
gas-filled photocell
gas-filled phototube
gas ionization
perfect gas law
gas laws
gas phototube
gas scintillation proportional counter
gas-to-dust ratio
blanking gate photocell
light gathering power
Gauche conformation
Gaunt (correction) factor
circular Gaussian brightness distribution
Gaussian curve
Gaussian distribution
Gaussian division
Gaussian gravitation constant
Gaussian weights
G band
G-band photometry
worm gear
hour-angle gear device
main gear drives